About Our School

  • At Centennial Middle School we provide opportunities for students to gain new knowledge by traditional instruction (lecture and texts), inquiry (discovery and experience), and by building and creating (construction). The latter two are the most powerful, by far. We promote and use instruction that supports experiential and constructivist learning and we believe in high standards with frequent, meaningful assessments that inform instruction and learning. The result, facilitated by quality instruction, is authentic, meaningful learning and an education that helps students develop habits of lifelong learning.

    The Centennial staff promotes a school culture that:

    • Has a positive climate where kids are connected
    • Includes community building with academics and couples academics with other tasks, skills and discussions
    • Has high standards
    • Is cooperative and collegial
    • Practices reflection
    • Uses numerous resources
    • Adopts a spirit of inquiry
    • Has an atmosphere and climate that promotes a free flow of ideas and
    • Provides a curriculum rich in social and cultural contexts

    Superior instruction and a school culture which promotes meaningful relationship increases academic achievement, supports social growth, improves attendance, lowers drop-out rates and discipline issues, increases student and family  involvement, and ultimately result in greater teacher, student, parent, and community satisfaction. We thank you for sending your student to Centennial and welcome you as a member of our mutual school community.