Safety Corner

  • Here in Snohomish, the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. Every month throughout the school year we will share information with you through a brief Safety Corner article about ways we are working to improve safety in our schools and buildings. To learn more about the school district's safety initiatives and programs, visit

    October 2018 - Safety Drills
    Schools are required to have at least one drill per month, including during summer sessions with students. All of our district schools hold these drills and practice three basic functional threat responses:

    • Shelter-in-place - To limit the exposure of students and staff to hazardous materials, such as chemical, biological, or radiological contaminants, released into the environment by isolating the inside environment from the outside;
    • Lockdown - To isolate students and staff from threats of violence, such as suspicious trespassers or armed intruders, that may occur in a school or in the vicinity of a school; and
    • Evacuation - To move students and staff away from threats, such as fires, oil train spills, or tsunamis.

    Drop, Cover and Hold earthquake drills are often incorporated into the monthly drills. Each year during October, and this year on Thursday, October 18, at 10:18 a.m. our schools will participate in the annual Great Washington ShakeOut. This statewide drill provides an excellent opportunity to prepare, survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes wherever you live, work or travel.

    September 2018 - Meet the School Resource Officers (SROs)
    Our district has close working relationships with local law enforcement. We provide all police and fire departments with details about our schools and buildings that would be useful should they need to respond to an emergency. We also have commitments with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department and Snohomish City Police Department who provide School Resource Officers (SRO) to our district. These SROs are based at Snohomish High School and Glacier Peak High School, but work closely with AIM High School and the feeder schools serving each.

    Glacier Peak High School SRO - Officer Jay Schwartzmiller

    • Has worked nearly 18 years in law enforcement
    • Prior to working as Glacier Peak High School’s SRO, Officer Schwartzmiller worked patrol with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department
    • Why do you like being an SRO in Snohomish? “Being an SRO in a Snohomish school allows me the opportunity to give back to the community I grew up in and learned so much from. This role allows me to work with all staff and students at GP, which I have found to be rewarding. I also believe it strengthens the relationship between law enforcement, the school district, the staff, the students, their families and the community. It’s been a great experience so far and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here.” – Officer Schwartzmiller
    • Fun fact: Officer Schwartzmiller’s favorite food is pizza (not doughnuts).

    Snohomish High School SRO – Officer Andre Loranc

    • Has worked more than six years in law enforcement (Okanogan County and Snohomish County)
    • Prior working as Snohomish High School’s SRO, Officer Loranc worked patrol for two years with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department. He is also a member of Region 1 SWAT.
    • Why do you like being an SRO in Snohomish? “I am passionate about the safety of our children as well as providing them the opportunity to grow and make the best decisions they can. “– Officer Loranc
    • Fun fact: Officer Loranc is a U.S. Navy veteran and currently still serves in the U.S. Naval Reserve.