Mask/Face Covering Information

  • Beginning Saturday, March 12, face coverings/masks will no longer be required in Snohomish School District schools, facilities or on school buses. Face coverings/masks are optional. Individuals can continue to wear a face covering/mask if they wish.

    We will respect individual choices with the expectation that others’ choices will be honored. Our schools and district will be supportive of everyone’s personal decision.

    • To wear a face covering/mask or not is a personal choice with the expectation that individual choices are respected.
    • One should not make assumptions regarding someone’s beliefs or health status, nor should they comment on them.
    • Our district will not tolerate bullying of any kind for those who choose to continue or discontinue wearing face coverings/masks.
    • We encourage those who may express any anxiety, to please reach out to their school principal or counselors for additional support as needed.

    Below are some situations in our schools or on our buses where face coverings/masks will continue to be required:

    • Face coverings/masks are required in our health and isolation rooms, as these areas are considered health care settings.
    • Individuals who were COVID-19 positive and are returning to school after a 5-day isolation period are required to wear well-fitting face coverings/masks for days 6 through 10 after their symptom onset or positive test result. (Note: The face covering/mask is not required on day 6 through 10 if the individual has tested negative with an antigen or at-home test any day after day 5. Testing beyond day 10 is not necessary.)
    • While face coverings/masks are no longer required universally in the school setting, there may be situations when the use of a face coverings/masks may be temporarily required for individuals by the DOH, local public health or Labor and Industries (L&I).

    Recommended, but not required, face covering/masking includes:

    • Students and staff who are immunocompromised, medically fragile, and/or otherwise high risk for severe disease should consult their health care provider about whether or not to continue wearing well-fitted masks.
    • Staff who provide for students with disabilities that requires close contact should strongly consider wearing appropriate PPE when providing care.
    • Athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and other support personnel should consider wearing face coverings/masks when participating in indoor activities, especially high-risk indoor sports.
    • High aerosol-producing performers (e.g., singers, woodwinds and brass, speech/debate, dance (competitive and dance squads) and theatre performers] should consider wearing appropriate face coverings/masks and/or use appropriate bell covers while practicing and/or performing.

    All students and staff will continue to have access to free, disposable face coverings/masks, hand sanitizer and rapid antigen tests in every district school and facility.