Feedback Form (2020-2021 school year)

  • Click here to be redirected to the results from the parent/guardian feedback on Snohomish School District's re-opening (2020-2021) plan.

    Note: The feedback form was open for input from Thursday, July 23-Monday, July 27.

    Families –

    Please click here (link has been disabled) to complete this short form letting the district know which educational model best fits your family's needs. Responses are not binding, but will provide preliminary data to help in our planning as we continue to work on our 2020-2021 re-opening plan.

    Below is some important information you may find useful as you complete the form:

    • Hybrid – This model involves a combination of face-to-face learning while working from home.
      • Students in grades K-3 would attend school all day, every day in their home elementary school.
      • Students who receive special services in grades 4-12 may attend more frequently according to their needs up to all day, every day.  Special services include special education classes, resource room services, life skills, connections program, physical and/or occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, ELL, vision and/or hearing specialists, etc.
      • Students in grades 4-12 (those not utilizing special services) would attend their home school every other day (A - Monday/Wednesday or B - Tuesday/Thursday). A decision on what the Friday schedule will look like continues to be discussed (whether to rotate between A and B groupings, or be utilized for home-based learning).
    • Online – This option is for those families who choose not to have their children physically attend school, but rather receive their education through 100% remote, online learning. This plan would be taught by teachers within our district, as well as through Apex Online Learning. The online schedule will consist of daily, live instruction and learning between the student and teacher. Teachers will be available to students every day.
    • Parent Partnership Program (PPP) - This program is for families that want to partner with the district in which families offer education at home, with help from teachers from the district.  The advantages of our district’s PPP program include core academic courses, academic enrichment courses, and expanded/supplemental activities. This is a flexible program where students and families will connect with the school each week. 

    Documents and resources from the district’s reopening work are posted on our website at We encourage you to take a look through them and stay connected. We are continuously updating the site as more details and information is available. You can also reach us at

    Again, thank you for taking the time to complete the short form (link has been disabled). The form will be active through Monday, July 27 at 10 p.m. Your input is appreciated and valued.