• Some students have resumed in-person instruction under the statewide framework for a phased reopening of schools. While preventive efforts like face coverings, handwashing, screening for symptoms, distancing, and good ventilation can greatly reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19, the risk cannot be entirely eliminated in settings where people are together in-person. This includes school and child care.

    It can be scary for students, parents or staff to hear that there may have been a case at school. Below are some frequently asked questions (and answers) you may find helpful.

    We also encourage you to refer to the Snohomish Health District School COVID-19 Case Response Flow Chart and the COVID-19 Screening Protocols for more information on public health guidance to local schools.

Schools and COVID-19

  • When should students/staff stay home?

  • What if someone is sick but has not tested positive?

  • When can I return to school after illness or exposure?

  • What if there is confirmed case at school?

  • Who should be tested?

  • What happens if someone is a close contact of a confirmed case?

  • I'm concerned about my privacy if I have COVID-19, have symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive.

  • Why aren’t people told who in the school tested positive?

  • Will attestation information be kept confidential?