Snohomish School District Coronavirus Testing Study

  • During the study (February through June 2021), 2 tests came back positive.

    This study and testing for the virus that causes COVID-19 is available for registered kindergarten through 2nd grade students participating in in-person instruction in our schools, as well special education and preschool through 6th grade staff currently working onsite with students in the buildings. Testing is available through home testing or participants can be tested at school by trained University of Washington (UW) staff. The program is powered by the Seattle Flu Study team - the group that first reported community spread of COVID-19 in the United States. If you have questions, please review the testing FAQs below. Information is also available through email or 206-616-5859.

    How the program works

    Weekly testing: The Snohomish School District Coronavirus Testing Study tests for current coronavirus infections by providing testing to students and staff members once per week if they choose to sign up, until the end of the school year in June 2021. After signing an online consent form and filling out the enrollment questionnaire, each participant is assigned a “Swab Day” based on the school they attend or work at. On your “Swab Day," each participant will receive a weekly check-in that asks if they are feeling sick and reminds participants to collect their weekly swab. Staff will be asked to collect a swab from their own nose and drop their swab off in a drop box at school on the same day. Families with students enrolled in the study can choose to collect the child's swabs at home and drop it into the drop box during morning drop-off or choose to have a trained researcher collect swabs from their child while at school.

    Household testing: If a study participant tests positive for COVID-19, their household members will also be offered at-home testing kits. After a study participant tests positive, they would receive an enrollment link for those in their household to sign up for two test kits, one per week, for a total of 14 days.

    Who can enroll: This study and testing for the virus that causes COVID-19 will be available for K-6 and special education staff currently working onsite with students in the buildings, as well as K-2nd grade students participating in in-person instruction in our schools. Students in grades kindergarten through 2nd grade, as well as staff who are currently working on-site at least two days a week with students are eligible to enroll in this study. This includes certificated preschool through 2nd grade staff, and special education staff, administrators and classified staff who currently work on site. You can change your mind and drop out of the study anytime after enrolling.

    If you think you are eligible and interested, click here to enroll (enrollment link will be active during the week of February 22). Enrollment for the study begins Monday, February 22 and will be open through Monday, April 26. Testing will be conducted through Friday, June 18.

    Testing details

    • Drop box tests: If you are an district staff member, you will receive a kit containing everything you need to participate in the study once you sign up. Each kit has one swab per week, packaging to safely seal your swab, and step-by-step instructions on how to collect your sample. The research team will bring these kits to your school once you sign up for you to take home. Parents of enrolled students will also have the option to receive a kit on behalf of their child so that they can do testing on their child at home. Once the kit has been delivered, you will place your or your child’s swab into the designated drop box at school once per week on a designated day that your school will communicate until the end of the study. For a swab to be tested, a parent or guardian must bring the swab to the drop box - a student cannot bring the swab in on their own.
    • Tests at school: If your child is participating in the study, you have the option of a research team member collecting your child’s swab during the school day. These tests would be collected once per week, on the same day that tests are being delivered to drop boxes.
    • If you or your child are home sick on your scheduled swab day: If you indicate that you or your child is not going to school on your scheduled day because you or your child is feeling sick, a swab kit will be mailed to your house. These kits will contain materials for you to collect a swab from yourself or your child while at home, package them, and place the completed swab on your doorstep to be picked up and returned to the University of Washington for testing.


    • Is there a cost to be tested? Participating in the Snohomish School District Coronavirus Testing program is completely free to eligible Snohomish School District staff and students.
    • What about consent? Only those who volunteer to participate will be tested. The Snohomish School District Coronavirus Testing program will receive parent/guardian consent before any is student is tested.
    • Where can I find the results of my/my child’s test? Results from each test can be found at Participants will need the unique barcode from your/or your child’s test, as well as your/their date of birth. You will receive an email or a text notification that includes the barcode information and link to the online results portal after your swab has been collected and brought to our lab. Please note that it may take two to three days for results to be available once the swab has returned to our lab.
    • Do I have to get tested? No. Participation in this study is completely voluntary. If you decide to participate or have your child participate and later decide to end your participation in the study, please call the Snohomish School District Coronavirus Testing Study customer service team at 206-616-5859 to opt out.
    • Can other children or family members in our household get tested? This testing study is only for in-person students in grades kindergarten through 2nd grade, as well as special education and kindergarten through 6th grade staff currently working onsite with students in the buildings. Information about other area testing opportunities is available at
    • What kind of swab is used for this test? Our study uses shorter nasal swabs, which look like Q-tips, that only reach the front part of your nose (go in about 2-3 centimeters or about 1 inch). You may experience a feeling a tickly or runny nose, watery eyes or sneezing. The process lasts just five seconds per nostril.
    • How far does the swab go into the nose? Our study uses shorter nasal swabs, which look like Q-tips, that only reach the front part of your nose (go in about 2-3 centimeters or about 1 inch).
    • How long will it take to get my results? It normally takes 24-72 hours to process and return test results after the lab receives your sample. If results are not available after 72 hours from the lab receiving your sample, please contact the Snohomish School District Coronavirus Testing Study customer service team.
    • Who else will be informed of my test results? The school district will be informed of those who test positive to assist with any quarantine needs. Snohomish Health District or Public Health - Seattle and King County, along with the Washington State Department of Health are informed of COVID-19 test results to provide assistance and perform contact tracing, if needed.
    • What if I or my student tests positive?
      • Positive COVID-19 test results - Return to school after 10-day isolation period (from the date of their test (if no symptoms) or from the date of symptoms onset). If symptoms or fever persist after 10-day isolation, person who tested positive can return when there is no fever and symptoms are improving.
      • Close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case - Stay home for the full 14-day quarantine period, regardless of symptoms or negative test results. If you/your child develop symptoms please get tested for COVID-19. If you/your child tests positive for COVID-19 please refer to isolation guidelines for when to return to school. Note: All persons or family members living under one roof of a person who tests positive must quarantine 24 days (14 days in addition to the positive person's 10-day quarantine).
    • What kind of test does this program use? Are you testing for antibodies? Our lab uses anterior nasal swabs which are subjected to PCR testing to look for the presence of the SARS-COV-2 virus during active infection, in an effort to provide a near-real time snapshot of the virus in the community. We do not provide any serological sampling for previous infections (antibody testing) at this time.
    • What if I am home sick, or if I am taking time off? If you are home sick, our study is able to deliver a swab kit to your home complete with all of the supplies and instructions needed to collect a nasal swab in the safety of your home. A courier will also pick up the kit from your doorstep, to allow for contactless delivery/pick-up, and bring the sample back to our lab for testing. If you are taking time off or will not be on campus, we ask that you skip your swab for that week and continue the study as normal when you are ready to return to school.
    • What happens over spring break? Testing with the study will not occur during the week of spring break. If you or your child is currently experiencing symptoms, please contact your health care provider or look into the options from the Snohomish Health District in the area for free testing at this link
    • Can I still enroll in the study if I have been vaccinated? People who are vaccinated can participate in the Snohomish School District Coronavirus Testing Study. The vaccine will help prevent you from getting sick with COVID-19, but this protection is not 100%, and it is not known if the vaccine will prevent you from spreading the virus to others. If you have been vaccinated, you are encouraged to still participate in the research study.
    • I have more questions - who do I contact? You can contact a member of the UW's customer service team during the hours of 8 a.m.-8 p.m., seven days a week, to answer questions at or 206-616-5859.