• Snohomish School District is dedicated to the education of each and every student and strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Our goal is to ensure that any student who entrusts us with their education earns their diploma and has a positive learning and safe, social-emotional experience in our schools. We know there is a difference between making this statement and making it happen. We are committed to making it happen!

    To reach all students we recognize and affirm that Black Lives Matter. Snohomish School District stands in solidarity with our students, families, staff, and community members of color, and with all who have experienced racism and other forms of marginalization, oppression, and injustice. The declaration of Black Lives Matter rightly affirms the value of Black lives and race explicitly, the Snohomish School District also commits to honor and value the lives of each and every student, staff, and community member regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, neurodiversity, social class or disability. 

    As a district, we have partnered with Hooks Global and Racing to Equity to complete a district-wide organizational assessment that will provide a foundation to build a framework of educational justice and racial equity. Last summer we began a professional development program working with our Board, administrators, educators, and staff.  We will continue to expand on these conversations so staff, students, and community members can join us in making our learning and living environment the best it can be for each one of us.

    Our journey is underway; in addition, to the professional development described above, the district is taking the following steps:

    • Creating and hiring an Educational and Racial Equity Director that will embed this vision into our daily professional practice.
    • Adopting the Snohomish School District Human Rights and Equity Committee’s recommendations to the Board, which are:
      • Committing to seeking and hearing students’ voices.
      • Being readily available and committed to learning from the experiences of all families 
      • Ongoing professional development for staff
    • Using a lens of equity and inclusion when developing or adopting policies.
    • Anonymous Tip Line: This tip-line is designed to provide students, staff, and community members with a safe and confidential way to report a threat or potential threat to student or school safety. This resource will go live on April 26. 
    • Improving district hiring processes to ensure our success in recruiting a diverse pool of candidates more reflective of our school communities.  

    To conclude, we uphold that Black Lives Matter! We extend an open invitation to each student, their families, and the Snohomish School District community to join us in our efforts to advance racial equity by listening, reflecting, and engaging with us in these transformational change efforts. By working together, we can collectively advocate for the success of each student while striving for educational and racial justice.