Daily Screening & Attestation

  • Qualtrics QR code

    Above is the QR code for the Snohomish School District daily symptom (attestation) check. The link to the daily symptom check can also be found by clicking here. Based on responses, the individual will either be approved to come to school/campus, or will be directed to follow other procedures. By completing the survey and submitting responses, the individual agrees that the information collected can be used by the Snohomish School District to provide a safe environment for all. The data will be used solely to determine if the individual should attend/come to school/campus at this time. All information will be kept confidential. The daily symptom check must be completed each day a student, staff member or other individual plans to be at school/on campus. For those individuals who do not complete the online attestation before arriving at school/on campus, a health screening including temperature check will be completed when the individual arrives on campus. 

    Click here to download a pdf document (can be printed) of the attestation check.