• Nancy Lamont
    Choir director and advisor

    Symphonic Choir

    • Symphonic Choir is a performance-oriented class for advanced singers.
    • Enrollment is based on audition and is available for any GP students grades 10-12 (no prerequisites required).
    • Symphonic Choir will give public performances within the community, as well as the MPMEA Choral Festival and the occasional competition.
    • Private lessons for students in Symphonic Choir are highly recommended. 
    • Our purpose is to enhance musical skills through performance and learning basic music theory and songwriting skills in class.

    Concert Choir

    • This class is open to all singers of any age and focuses on the development of singing skills. 
    • The primary objective is to prepare students to continue into Symphonic Choir.
    • This class focuses on learning basic singing skills to apply to performances of fun and entertaining choral literature, as well as learning basic music theory and songwriting skills in class. 
    • Concert Choir gives various public performances during the year and participates in the MPMEA District Choir Festival.
    • Private lessons for students in Concert Choir are recommended.