Clothes for Kids

  • Any student in Snohomish County (ECEAP through 12th grade) who requests help is eligible to receive free school clothing from Clothes For Kids. Clothing is distributed from August 1 through the end of May. Families/students can schedule appointments for back-to-school shopping at Students/parents/guardians can fill out the Clothes for Kids Requisition for Clothing form when they come to shop for clothing and shoes.

    Hours for school shopping

    • Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays - 9 a.m.-Noon
    • Tuesdays or Thursdays - 4:30-7 p.m.
    • Some Saturdays.- 9 a.m.-Noon

    How to make a shopping appointment

    • Visit
    • Read the information and examples of scheduling an appointment.
    • Choose the day you want to come in on the calendar.
    • Select an available time slot for your student.
    • Enter your name, email, zip code, and phone number, and click “Next."
    • Click “Confirm” to book your shopping appointment.
    • You will receive an email confirmation of your shopping appointment.

    If a family has more than one student shopper, separate appointments should be scheduled for each child with only one student from the family shopping in a 30-minute time slot. For example, if the family has three student shoppers, they should schedule three appointments in a row (9:30 a.m., 10 a.m., and 10:30 a.m.) 

    If families are unable to shop in person, volunteers can choose clothing for the students and have it available for pick up at the Clothes For Kids shop within one week. Anyone can pick the clothes up on behalf of the student. To order clothing for pick-up, please complete this Google form for each student -

    If you have any additional questions or have a family with emergency clothing needs, please do not hesitate to email or call 425-741-6500.