Open Recreation Swim

  • Open Recreation Swim is a time for guests to swim, play and enjoy the features of our Recreation Pool.

    Recreation Pool Features during Open Recreation Swim Times

    • Recreation lap pool - This body of water includes three, 20-yard lap lanes and ample space for swimming lessons and recreational play.
    • Zero-depth entry area - Designed for toddlers and those with physical limitations.
    • Shallow-water area – Designed for preschool and beginner swimmers.
    • Hot tub – Designed to accommodate the special needs of our guests, water temperature is 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Lazy river – Designed in a figure 8 shape to allow guests to glide through the water on tubes. In addition, water fit classes may also take place in the river section of the facility.
    • Spray-play area – Designed to provide a fun, interactive aquatic wonderland for young swimmers.
    • Splashtacular – This enclosed waterslide provides a fun, corkscrew ride starting inside the center, spiraling out of the building and back in, ending in the recreation pool. OurSplashtacular is 151-feet long and 20-feet high. Guests must be at least 48-inches tall and pass a swim test to slide.

    NOTE: In lieu of the Splashtacular water slide being closed for repairs at this time, we have the Pineapple Express, an 18-foot, dual-lane, inflatable slide for our guests to enjoy.

    Please read through our Snohomish Aquatic Center Important Guidelines and FAQs.

    Open Recreation Swim Times

    Open Recreation Swim times may vary depending on the season. For up-to-date dates and times, please see our current Recreation Pool Schedule. Open Rec Swims will be shown in orange.


    Open Recreation Swim times are limited to 200 participants. When all tickets are distributed, swims have reached maximum capacity as established by the Washington Health Department and cannot admit anymore swimmers.  

    When You Arrive

    • A holding line will be established inside the building after payment has been reill have access to the changing rooms approximately five minutes prior to the start of the Open Recreation Swim.
    • Colored line passes may be distributed to guests to help manage the line and the number of swimmers per session.
    • Guests ages 6 and under must be accompanied into the pool by a supervising guest (14+) at all times.
    • Guests 12 and under must be supervised by a guest (14+) in the building at all times. 
    • One supervising guest may monitor no more than three children (ages 6 and under) in the water.
    • We recognize our guests' needs to observe not only from the lobby, but also from the pool deck. Spectators can watch from the pool deck, but for safety reasons, are required to sit on the provided benches/bleachers at all times. This allows us to maintain safety for our swimmers and staff, while recognizing our guests' needs to be closer to those they are observing.

    Unforseen Sanitation Closures

    On occasion, circumstances arise in which the Recreation Pool waters need to be exited and the area cleared for a sanitation process. This process takes 30 minutes and the water is tested before re-entry of the pool is allowed.