Conferences - Scheduling through Skyward/Family Access

  • Skyward/Family Access

    • Login to Skyward/Family Access (desktop version required as the mobile version will not work) at
    • Must use parent/guardian Skyward/Family Access login information (not the student login).

    Conference Directions

    • Step 1 - Click on Conferences.
    • Step 2 - Click on All Conference.
    • Step 3 - Click Select a Time to pick a time slot for a student’s class.
    • Step 4 - Click Select to the right of the desired Conference Time Slot.
    • Step 5 - The Select Time Slot dialog box will appear. A warning will be displayed if a time conflict exists. Click Back to select another time if there is a conflict or click Save to complete the selection process.
    • Repeat steps 2-4 until slots have been scheduled for all of the student’s classes.

    Zoom conferences
    Prior to your scheduled conference time, you will need to create a Zoom login if you do not already have one. When you follow the teacher’s Zoom link you will be directed to use your Zoom login. Please check with your child's school directly about how Zoom links will be provided.

    • At some of our schools, teacher Zoom links will be sent to you directly from your students’ teachers. If you have questions on their Zoom link, please email the teacher directly.
    • At other schools, you will find the teacher’s Zoom information in the notes on the Skyward/Family Access conferences.  

    You may need to copy and paste the link in your browser. Zoom info will be indicated as Virtual and the teacher’s Zoom info will be located in the Notes.

    Click here to download a pdf handout with illustrations.

    Click here to download a pdf handout with illustrations (Zoom conferences)