Middle School Reconfiguration

  • The Snohomish School District is recommending the reconfiguration of the elementary and middle school grade level structure. The reconfiguration would move 6th grade to the middle school creating K-5 elementary schools and 6-8 middle schools beginning fall 2025. This change is driven by the academic and developmental advantages for our students:

    • Enhanced middle school experience: The intent of a 6-8 middle school structure is to create a more meaningful, three-year educational experience. This approach provides the time and resources to develop a culture tailored to the specific needs of middle school students.
    • Curriculum expertise: This reconfiguration allows for expanded subject offerings, with teachers who are experts in their content areas, such as science, English language arts, social studies, and electives. For those excelling in mathematics, advanced courses, such as algebra and geometry, become readily accessible, ensuring that no student's potential is left untapped.
    • Elective opportunities: This transition offers access to a broader range of electives, such as, choir, band, art, family and consumer science, and STEM-like subjects such as computer science. These electives enrich the educational experience, offering a broader horizon for students to explore and cultivate their talents. The value of creating a spark in our students cannot be understated as it infuses their school experience with real-world relevance.
    • Increased engagement: The reconfiguration paves the way for greater student participation in school-sponsored clubs and after school programs. This promotes a well-rounded middle school experience, allowing our students to develop social, physical, and creative skills, in addition to their academic pursuits.

    Snohomish School District must continuously adapt to meet our students’ changing needs. Creating a three-year middle school environment that aligns with our district five-year Strategic Plan and the physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development of our students provides the best opportunities for them to thrive. Recognizing the crucial role that middle school plays in preparing students for high school and beyond, this reconfiguration helps ensure that our students receive the support and resources they need to succeed.