About Our School

  • I continue to be grateful and excited about having the opportunity to serve the Cascade View Elementary school community and students. This year, the 2021-2022 school year, will be my 22nd year as a school principal - and I've loved every moment of it because I think I have the best job in the world. I get to work with kids, and those dedicated school staff who care about kids, every day! 

    I love reading, writing, my family, traveling, student laughter, walking my dog, reading, doing yoga, doing yardwork, giving hugs and fist bumps, anyone who loves kids, Cascade View students, teachers, learning, reading, school, having experiences, going to the ocean, cooking healthy things, the Seahawks (Go Hawks!), reading, and lots of other stuff! Did I mention I love reading?

    As educators, I firmly believe we do the world's most important work. For me, that work is deeply connected to matters of the heart - we cannot tend to our children's minds until we capture their hearts, because even our kids don't care how much we know until they know how much we care. For all of us working in school, we simply have to make school the best part of each child's day. When they love us, they'll learn from us!

    As evidence of my commitment to the heart foundation of our work, I invite you to click on this inspiring link - Educate the Heart - on YouTube.

    Welcome to our school - a place of magic for all who come to learn and teach. Our WHY: In our school community, we are passionate about meeting all learners where they are in service of each realizing their innate and extraordinary human potential. This is our great mission! Care to join us?

    Be kind always!

    Kert Lenseigne

    Kert B. Lenseigne
    Proud Principal and Lead Learner

    Mission Statement
    Cascade View Elementary is a place where people want to learn as part of a world-class education. Our school is a home away from home, an open door, a place of rigor, wellness, and scholarship where students earn an education that matters and where everyone can expect to have an amazing experience. We do what it takes, we do no harm, we set no limits on our potential to learn and grow, we do it like a family, and we love what we do.

    Our Why!
    In our school community, we are passionate about meeting all learners where they are in service of each realizing their innate and extraordinary human potential. This is our great work! Care to join us?

    Our Core Values
    Caring for ourselves, caring for each other, and caring for our school and community.

    Our Five Pillars

    • Welcome
    • Do No Harm
    • Choice Words
    • It’s never too late to learn
    • Best School in the Universe

    Aim Statement
    We aim to provide a place of magic for our students, staff, and community - a place that honors each individual from a place of welcome, mutual respect, wellness, compassion, and a growth mindset.

    Our goal, as Cascade View staff, is to work collaboratively for the benefit of each student by honestly evaluating our instructional practices to meet individual need.

    Student Programs
    Cascade View strives toward constant, collaborative, high quality instructional improvement intended to meet the individual needs of each student. Students in kindergarten through 6th grade benefit from a challenging curriculum which focuses first on building basic skills in reading, math, and writing then shifts to the application of these skills to support higher-level thinking. Social studies, science, health, physical education, and the arts are highly valued content areas. Programs unique to Cascade View include special education classes for students who are deaf or hearing impaired; restorative practices of student citizenship promoting strong and healthy relationships in community; and for students who benefit from center-based instruction. All classes at Cascade View share an appreciation for differences in learners and value the contribution that each brings to the learning community. Our core values are Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Each Other, and Caring for our School and Community.

    Parent Involvement
    Parents and community members are always welcome at school. Those wishing to volunteer at the school may contact a teacher directly or volunteer through the school office. Cascade View has a very supportive group of parents. This is reflected in their high visibility as volunteers and attendance at conferences, concerts, and at other school functions. Cascade View parents and teachers have also formed a chapter of the national Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), which supports field trips and assemblies for students, helps teachers with classroom expenses, as well as buying equipment for the playground and the teachers.