7th & 8th Grade Summer Reading Projects

  • 7th Grade
    Valley View Middle School’s English Language Arts (ELA) Department summer reading project for incoming seventh graders. We want to stress the only expectation for students is to read. That is it. Just read.

    Want to know more?

    • Read several (minimum two) books, fiction/non-fiction.
    • Keep a list of titles and possibly your thoughts about each book.
    • Choose your favorite, or least favorite book and bring it to your ELA class the first week of school if possible.
    • The ELA teacher will guide students through activities highlighting one of the books read during the summer. It is important that everyone continues to read throughout the summer keeping their thinking skills engaged and reap the benefits that reading brings in all we do in life.
    • Last words: JUST READ

    8th Grade
    The 8th grade summer reading assignment encourages students to continue reading outside of school. Students are asked to keep a list of self-selected titles they read throughout the summer and choosing one, complete a summary and reflection. This work is due the second week of school and should reflect rigor and depth of thought. Click here to learn more anout the 8th grade summer reading project for 2017-2018.