Bulk Mail Guidelines

The US Post Office has given us the following guidelines to follow when sending bulk mail. 

1.    When copying your newsletters that will be stapled, ensure that the smooth side of the staple is on the address (outside) of the newsletter (see bulk mailing flyer for tips).

2.    Fold newsletters in half and tape shut (you can no longer staple the newsletters).  See the sample “Placement of Tabs and Wafer Seals for placement guidelines.  Be sure address labels are secure ~ no curled edges.  Your return address should include “SSD #201, Permit #201”, then your school/address.
3.    Obtain postal trays and pre-printed zip code cards from the post office.  They will NOT accept boxes or homemade labels.
4.    Sort by zip code.  See sample “Packaging and Traying Sequence for guidelines)
     a.    Non-mixed addresses: 98290
           (1)    Mailers with “98290” will go into a separate postal tray(s). Affix the “5” sticker.
           (2)     At the end of the tray, in the plastic holder, insert the pre-printed card with “Snohomish, WA 98290 ~ 5-digit”. 
           (3)    DO NOT bundle if the tray contains all the same zip code.
     b.    Addresses with mixed zip codes starting with 982--
           (1)    These mailers go into their own tray.
           (2)    They should be bundled into groups that you can pick up in your hand, and have rubber bands securing them both ways.  Bundles should be in groups of 10 or more. 
           (3)    Put all Everett addresses in a bundle, Lake Stevens in another bundle, etc.
           (4)    At the end of the tray, in the plastic holder, you will insert a label with “Everett, WA ~ 3-digit”.
           (5)    98291” or “98296” can also go in this tray. 
                   If there are enough 98291 or 98296’s to fill a tray, you can insert the pre-printed “Snohomish, WA 98290-5 digit” card, crossing out the 0 and replacing with the appropriate ending.
           (6)    Place a green “3” sticker on the first of each bundle, meaning the first three numbers of the zip code are the same. 
           (7)   If all zip codes are the same in a bundle, use a red “D” sticker. 
     c.    Addresses with mixed zip codes starting with 98---
           (1)   Mark with an “A” sticker and bundle with rubber bands. 
           (2)    Insert a label with “Seattle, WA ~ AADC” in the plastic holder.
     d.    Out-of-state addresses will go into a separate tray. 
           (1)    Mark with an “MS” sticker. 
           (2)    The label for this tray is also “Seattle, WA ~ Mixed AADC”.

5.    Complete Form 3602-NZ “Postage statement—Nonprofit Standard Mail Easy—Nonautomation Letters or Flats. The form can be found in the forms section or online at http://www.usps.com/forms/allforms.htm and click on Form # 3602-NZ.  The sample  shows which areas need to be completed.  Be sure to complete the form before you get to the post office.   If you’re unsure about completing the form correctly, you may call the post office at 360-568-0409. 

6.    Bulk mailing hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

7.    The post office accepts cash, credit or check made out to “US Postmaster”. You will need to show a valid Washington State Driver’s License with credit or check.