The District has a five year copier contract with Witt Company which runs through August of 2013.  Included in the contract are toner supplies, parts and service.  Toner is shipped automatically to each building based on their usage, however, if you do run out of toner, contact the Witt Company to order more and provide them your copier ID tag (typically a DXXXX) and the meter reading.   That information is important to ensure that your toner shipment schedule is adjusted accordingly.  Excluded from the contract are staples.  Individual buildings are responsible for purchasing staples from the Witt Company using a purchase order or p-card.

Copier costs are charged to buildings using a per-copy rate.  They will appear on your reports as object 727.  Budget administrators should check the amounts to be sure that the encumbrances on their report are adequate to cover the copier expenses for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Meter reads are typically pulled automatically by the accounting department at the end of each month, however, in certain circumstances you may receive a call to pull a meter read (i.e., the copier is off-line). 

Service Contact:  800-999-3477
Supply Contact:  800.777.0852