Welcome to the Parent Partnership Program!

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In cooperation with parents, Snohomish School District has created the Parent Partnership Program to provide academic and enrichment activities for students. Classes and Programs are available for grades K-12, with our high school classes offering credit. 

Students meet with highly qualified teachers on campus one, two or three days a week, depending on the student’s grade level. Staff and families together create a learning plan for both home and school that incorporates both strands. Programs available:

  • Core academic courses

  • Academic enrichment courses

  • Expanded or supplemental activities

  • Apex Online Learning

Once a week consult and homebased classes are also available for interested families. Contact our program administrator June Shirey at june.shirey@sno.wednet.edu or at (360) 563-3401 or our Parent Partnership registrar Rene Whipple at rene.whipple@sno.wednet.edu or at (360) 563-3423 for more information. 

Registration is currently open!