Parent Partnership Program - A program for home school students and their families

  • Note: The Parent Partnership Program will not offer in-person instruction while the school district is offering a remote learning model due to COVID-19. The staff will utilize Seasaw, Canvas and Zoom during remote instruction.

    What is the Parent Partnership Program (PPP)? 
    PPP is a partnership between the Snohomish School District and homeschooling families in which the school district provides academic and enrichment activities for homeschool students. Classes and programs are available for grades K-10. Our high school classes offer credit. Students may meet with highly qualified teachers on campus up to three days a week, depending on the student’s grade level, the student/family schedule and other considerations. Staff and families collaboratively work together to create a personalized learning plan for both home and school.   

    Programs available at PPP include core (reading, writing, math) and elective classes:

    • Kindergarten - Kindergarten students come to PPP up to one day a week for supplemental instruction. The bulk of their learning happens at home through the development of a parent- teacher learning plan. 
    • Grades 1-6 - Students in grades 1–6 are given core curriculum and a weekly plan. They receive additional instruction at PPP up to one to two days a week. The other days of the week, parents/guardians are teaching that plan at home.
    • Grades 7-10 - Students in grades 7–10 are given core and elective curriculum to complete up to the two to three days a week that they are at PPP. When they are at home, parents/guardians are ensuring students are completing assigned work.

    Academic enrichment courses include: 

    • Expanded or supplemental activities 
    • Remote and home-based classes (curriculum chosen by the family) are also available for families
    • Collaboration in the development of the student learning plan (SLP)
    • On-going support on the students’ progress toward the goals in their learning plan

    PPP collaborates with families on home-based or supplemental classes in which the teacher and parent/guardian designs/selects the curriculum and the student comes in at least once a week to have a staff member oversee that curriculum. Students and families will have access to curriculum and resources used in district schools.

    All course work for high school credit needs to have certification which will be approved by the principal.  

    The role of the parent/guardian in the PPP program:   

    • Provide support and instruction when your child is not receiving instruction from PPP teachers.
    • Communicate frequently with teachers around your child’s progress toward their student learning plan (SLP) goals.
    • Turn in work samples of progress toward your child’s goals on the 20th day of each month.
    • Use Skyward/Family Access to stay informed of your child’s academic progress.
    • Contact PPP office staff by phone or email each time your student is absent and unable to attend on-line instruction and give a reason for absence. 
    • If your child is absent communicate with the teacher to get the missed assignments 
    • Plan on your student fully participating in the state testing each spring.
    • Read all emails and communications from school to stay informed about all the school happenings.
    • Attend all three of the all-parent meetings which are typically held in September, January and May. The September meetings will be held via Zoom while our schools are not serving students in person. 

    The progress of students in grades K-6 is monitored monthly by the teacher. Each goal is marked as making progress or not making progress. At the elementary reporting periods student are given a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory on their goals. Students will progress to the next grade level at the conclusion of the school year

    What PPP is not:

    • PPP is not a five-day a week online program.
    • PPP does not follow the same instructional model as your child’s home school. If you are enrolled in our PPP, you will not be a part of your home school. However, if you should decide to transition back to your neighborhood school we will support families in that process. 
    • PPP is not just a social program for homeschool families as there are academic expectations outlined by the teacher and the co-created student learning plan.
    • PPP will not offer in-person instruction while the school district is offering a remote learning model due to COVID-19. The staff will utilize Seasaw, Canvas and Zoom during remote instruction.

    PPP would be a good option for you if:

    • You do not want the screen time involved in our online five-day per week option.
    • If you do not want your child’s school schedule to potentially change throughout the school year.
    • If you have the flexibility to support your child in their learning when the PPP classes are not in session.

    PPP resources:

    Contact us:
    The PPP program office is located at the district Parkway Campus. The Parkway Campus is located at 525 13th Street in Snohomish. Find the program online at or The PPP program can be reached at 360-563-3423 or