Bus Route & Schedule Information

  • Planning on having your child ride the bus?

    If your child did not ride the bus during the 2023-2024 school year, but will for 2024-2025, the form below must be completed and returned to the child's school. This includes new kindergarten students.

    Posted bus routes and pick-up and drop-off times are approximate. Please remember that traffic, weather and other unforeseen circumstances may cause some routes to be early or delayed. Also, as students choose not to ride or to ride the bus during the school year, pick-up and drop-off times are adjusted. For example, the elimination of just one bus stop (because students no longer ride or are absent from stop on a particular day) can affect a route by 2-3 minutes. It is recommended that parents and students arrive at their bus stops at least five (5) minutes prior to the published times.

    It is our district’s practice that kindergartners will not be let off the bus unless the student’s parent/guardian (or designated adult) is at the bus stop at the time of student drop-off. Kindergartners whose parents/guardians are not at the bus stop will be returned to the student’s elementary school where the parent/guardian (or emergency contact) will be called for student pick-up.

    If you have a question about your child’s transportation information, transportation assistance is currently available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. by calling 360-563-3525 or emailing transportation@sno.wednet.edu.

    Note: Parents/guardians of students on Choice Transfer/variance will be responsible for providing student transportation to and from school. Bus passes will be approved on space availability, and we will not be reviewed until four (4) weeks after school starts.