Business and Marketing - Information Technology

  • Career and Technical Education Courses (CTE) lets you explore careers, learn new skills and gain hands-on experience. In some cases, you can earn CTE college credit or an industry certificate while in high school. Learn more about CTE student leadership programs at OSPI CTE.
    Classes you can take in high school (Note: Check with your school for availability.)
    • Microsoft Office Specialist - Microsoft Office Certifications Word, Excel, One Note
    • Publishing
    • Web Design
    • Advanced Web Design
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science A

    What you can do right after high school

    • CTE Dual Credit - Use the CTE college credit you can earn in this pathway.
    • Start a entry level job with your Microsoft Office skills and certifications
    • Enroll in an apprenticeship program
      • Apprenti-Registered apprenticeship program that trains future tech workers
    • Enroll in a technical school, two-year community college or four-year university. Examples include:
      • Lake Washington Institute of Technology
      • DigiPen Institute of Technology
      • Edmonds Community College
      • Everett Community College
      • Eastern Washington University
      • Seattle University
      • Washington State University
      • University of Washington
    • Associates degree
      • Web developer
      • Game designer
      • Graphic designer
    • Bachelors degree
      • Computer engineer
      • Computer programmer
      • Information security analyst
      • Computer system analyst

    Career information
    Career information is available on Hello ID-High School Beyond Plan-Career Planner. More information about careers, job trends and educational programs can be found at: