Business and Marketing - Business Management, Administration & Marketing Management

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses let you explore careers, learn new skills and gain hands-on experience. In some cases, you can earn CTE college credit or an industry certificate while in high school. Learn more about CTE student leadership programs at OPSI CTE
    Classes you can take in middle school (Note: Check with your school for availability. Middle school CTE classes focus on STEM concepts, leadership and entry level industry and employment skills.)
    • 7th Grade Foundations of Technology

    Classes you can take in high school (Note: Check with your school for availability.)

    • Microsoft Office Specialist
    • Introduction to Business Management *College in High School- Snohomish High School
    • Advanced Business Management FBLA
    • Business Math =Third Year Math Equivalency
    • Personal Finance = Third Year Math Equivalency
    • Law & Business Ethics= Senior English or Social Studies Equivalency
    • AP Economics = Social Studies Equivalency
    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Advanced Marketing
    • Sports and Entertainment
    • Entrepreneurship-DECA

    What you can do right after high school

    • CTE Dual Credit - Use the credit you can earn in this pathway
      • Everett Community College- Business Administration
      • Personal Finance= Personal Finance ACCT 113 3 credits
      • Business Math = Business Computations BUS130 5 credits
      • Bellevue College- Marketing Management
      • Introduction to Marketing= Introduction to Marketing MKTG 101 5 credits
      • Advanced Marketing = Principles of Retailing MKTG 135 5 credits
      • Sports and Entertainment = Introduction to Sports and Entertainment MKTG 103 2 credits
      • Entrepreneurship = Principles of Selling MKTG 131 5 credits
      • DECA Practicum = MKTG 290 5 credits
      • Find out more information regarding CTE Dual Credit at
    • Get an entry-level job
      • Short-term, on-the-job training (Less than one month) - Washington annual median wage
      • Customer service representative
      • Receptionist
      • File clerk
      • Receptionist
    • Continue your education and training at a technical school, two-year college or four-year university. Examples include:
      • Lake Washington Institute of Technology
      • Bellevue College
      • Everett Community College
      • University of Washington - Bothell
      • Central Washington University
      • Eastern Washington University
    • Vocational training (certificate or diploma)
      • Accounting clerk
      • Real estate agent
    • Associates degree
      • Human resource assistant
    • Bachelors degree
      • Digital marketing
      • Public relations specialist
      • Market research analyst
      • Computer information system manager
      • Accountant
      • Sales representative

    Career information
    Career information is available on Hello ID-High School Beyond Plan-Career Planner. More information about careers, job trends and educational programs can be found at: