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1:1 devices and Technology Protection Plan information

Thank you votersSnohomish School District students will soon be provided with a 1:1 device to aid in their learning. This technology shift for the school district of providing every district student with a device (laptop, touch screen or iPad) will happen beginning with the 2023-2024 school year.

  • Students in grades 5-12 will have dedicated devices for home/school.
  • Students in grades K-4 will have dedicated devices that will remain in the classroom.
  • Students in grades K-4 who may need to take their device home should they need access to technology for school purposes will have the ability to check out through school.

As part of the 1:1 device rollout, students will be expected to bring/have a district-provided device/laptop at school every day. All students will receive district-provided devices/laptops, and students should not bring personal devices/laptops from home. The district-provided device/laptop must be charged and ready to use for classroom learning each day. When students receive a district device/laptop at the start of the school year, the student will also receive information about the district’s Technology Protection Plan.

Due to the high replacement cost of a device/laptop, the option of purchasing a Technology Protection Plan can help offset costs in the event a device/laptop is damaged, lost or stolen. See plan for specific coverage. The standard enrollment fee for the Technology Protection Plan is $30. Students eligible for the free/reduced meal program will have their enrollment fee waived. Students must fill out a free/reduced application and be approved.   

For those who do not choose to enroll in a Technology Protection Plan, the family will accept full responsibility for any costs related to damage, loss, or theft. Plan enrollment fees must be paid at the time of opting in to activate the protection plan. For example:

  • The cost to repair a shattered, broken or cracked screen is $150 (or $25 with Technology Protection Plan coverage).
  • The cost to repair damage caused by liquids will be $150 (or $50 with Technology Protection Plan coverage).
  • The cost after loss or theft will be cost of replacement (or $25+ with Technology Protection Plan coverage).
  • The replacement cost of a district laptop is $300.
  • The replacement cost of a charging cord is $25.

Please watch for more information about device distribution closer to the start of the school year from your child’s school and/or principal.

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