April 14, 2020 Message from Superintendent Kultgen

Families - 

As we continue to march through the COVID-19 outbreak together, for every decision made many, many more appear. As a district, with each decision we are striving to minimize the negative impact of the closure on each student. This goal is difficult as the closure impacts every student, family and staff member and each one is impacted differently depending on their situation. The following bullets are important points as we move forward:

  • Meals: We are currently serving 2,000 students per day with meals. Click here to see the routes where meals are available to ANY child ages 0-18 years old.
  • Grades: Following our goal of doing no harm, secondary grading will not negatively impact the student’s transcript if they stay engaged in their education.  The state will provide guidance by the end of this week. As a district we will release our grading structure on Wednesday, April 22.
  • Seniors: Seniors in good standing will graduate this spring. The State Board of Education has established the rules for the waiver process. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to graduate and have the skills to succeed after graduation. Beginning this week, all seniors will be contacted to start the individual conversation on graduation.
  • Graduation Ceremony: How we are going to celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors is a very common question. There is no doubt that we want to recognize our seniors and will do so. At this point we are bringing in many voices to see what this could look like. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. As always, I am confident our resilience, connections, and sense of community will help us get through this unprecedented time. Please continue to stay engaged and look for more communications. 

Keep Safe,