Graduation information for seniors and their families

Graduation ceremonies
Thanks to all our seniors and their families who took time to answer our survey to provide us with thoughts, ideas and suggestions about ways we could best recognize our graduates. Your input and willingness to work with us is appreciated.

Our state’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order has eliminated the ability for school districts to have large group gatherings. As a result, we are unable to organize a traditional ceremony or celebrations that would involve bringing large groups of people together.

With that guidance from the state, the district is planning a virtual graduation for each of our high schools - AIM High School, Glacier Peak High School and Snohomish High School. There are a lot of details that go into this ceremony, such as speeches and students receiving their moment of recognition. At this point we are waiting for the Governor to provide guidance on these virtual graduation ceremonies, and we were told today that we will have this information on Monday. Once we receive the Governor’s guidance we will then share the details of how the speeches are going to be made, and equally important, how each graduate is going to be recognized.

The videos will be compiled into a virtual ceremony to include the recognition of each student and speeches. The district will premiere each video on the district’s YouTube channel. The videos will also be available through other district and school communication channels so you can share this special moment with family and friends.

We share in your sadness and frustration that a traditional commencement ceremony cannot be held. However, we are committed to celebrating the accomplishments of our graduating seniors while following strict protocols to keep our students and staff safe. Seniors and families will receive details regarding these virtual events from their respective high schools soon.

Each high school is also working on other ways to celebrate our students including videos, virtual assemblies, performances and recognition events. While this is not the spring we had envisioned, school staff are continually brainstorming ways they are able to honor students and safely create special memories. Many schools have collaboratively created and shared messages and videos with students and their families to stay connected. We appreciate everyone’s support!