Information about student progress reports, report cards

Middle school and high school

Progress reports

  • To apprise families and students of students’ engagement progress, families may view progress grades (A, B, or I) in Skyward/Family Access on the following dates. Progress reports/grades will not be mailed home. Below is the progress report timeline:
  • High school (AIM High School, Glacier Peak High School and Snohomish High School)
    • Updated progress reports will be available in Skyward/Family Access on Friday, May 21 and Thursday, June 4
    • Note: AIM High School will post S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory/Incomplete) progress grades. 
  • Middle school (Centennial Middle School and Valley View Middle School)

Final grades

  • Families will see students' final grades (A, B, or I) posted on Skyward/Family Access starting on Saturday, June 20. AIM High School will post S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory/Incomplete).
  • Report cards will be mailed to student homes on Wednesday, June 24.  

Incomplete “I” grades

  • A final grade of Incomplete (I) will be converted into a letter grade of A or B following district process and timeline.

Elementary report cards

  • The school closure made it difficult to adequately assess student learning because of extenuating circumstances associated with COVID-19. Therefore, Snohomish School District will be using a report card template at the end of the school year, which does not utilize numerical ratings that reflect students’ mastery of academic standards. Instead, the report card will include anecdotal comments that pertain to the class as a whole and your individual child throughout the course of the year. Report cards will be mailed to student homes on Wednesday, June 24. Mid-year report cards sent in February will be included in students’ academic cumulative file, along with the year-end report card, for documentation purposes and future reference.