Final Grade and Yearbook Information

Hello GP Families,


Teachers are beginning the process of posting senior grades. Final grades for seniors will be posted on June 12.


Final grades for students in grades 9-11 will be posted on June 19. 


While teachers are in the process of calculating grades, you may see your student’s grade change.


Please know that grades are not final until the dates posted above. If you have questions, contact your student’s teacher.


In accordance with guidance from the state and our district, final grades are determined based on the following factors.

  • Students can receive and “A”, “B” or “Incomplete” for their Semester 2 grade.
  • Student grades are determined by a combination of the following items;
    • Baseline grade (the grade students had earned prior to school closure with all missing assignments removed)
    • Engagement progress report grades


Any student who may be receiving an “Incomplete” will be contacted by the teacher.  A plan will be developed to allow the student to finish the class and earn an “A” or “B."


We encourage all students to finish strong this last week!


Yearbook Update
We have been notified that GP can expect our yearbooks to be delivered to school in mid-July.


Depending on which phase Snohomish County reaches, we will communicate out a plan to distribution to seniors and to our students in grades 9-11.


Stay tuned for more information. Thank you.