Textbook and Library Book Return Dates and Times

You will be receiving an email titled "2020 Textbook and Library Book Return Dates & Times." This will list the items your student will need to return to the school. Your student will also receive this message in their school email address.


Regarding student materials

The following procedures have been created to collect materials such as textbooks, library books, and other classroom equipment from freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

When: Monday, June 15 (8 a.m.-noon, 3-7 p.m.) and Tuesday, June 16 (9 a.m.-1 p.m.)

Where: Parent drop-off loop in front of the gym entrance

  • All students will stay in their vehicles
  • All materials should be in a bag if possible and located in the trunk (vehicles without a trunk should store materials in the back seat area)
  • Label with student first and last name
  • For laptops, have charged and powered up for easy inspection and include the power cord


Regarding student fines

Families will be receiving an e-mail detailing their current fines Friday. The email will be sent on behalf of our InTouch system.


Families can check student fines by selecting “payments” on the Glacier Peak High School main page.  This will re-direct you to the Touchbase system.  Follow the directions to log into your student’s account.  Select “fines & fees” under “shop” to see a list of fines needing to be paid.


If students have fines, they can either return the item or pay the fine. Once materials are returned, fines will be removed within 24 hours. We strongly encourage families to pay fines online through the Touchbase system accessed through the Glacier Peak website.  If you are unable to pay online, fines can be paid in-person at the main entrance of the building during the specific materials collection times: Monday, June 15th (8 a.m.-noon, 3-7 p.m.) and Tuesday, June 16 (9 a.m. -1 p.m.).


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