Not receiving phone calls?


We are aware that some of our staff and families have recently noted that the mass notification phone calls have been inconsistent, with some noting they are not receiving calls at all. We apologize for this and want you to know we are investigating this with our mass notification provider, School Messenger/PowerSchool, to see what can be done to correct this issue should it be originating through that system.

With each district notification, more than 11,000 phone calls and emails are sent within minutes though the system with contact information provided through Skyward/Family Access. To make the 11,000+ calls and emails, a robocall system is used by School Messenger/PowerSchool. As you are likely aware, cellular providers have been implementing filters on robocalls and other callers to prevent phone numbers being used by scammers.

District messages come from 360-563-7295. In some cases, we have learned cell providers have classified our district number as "spam" or "potential spam" and have blocked or filtered out these calls. In the event you are not getting calls, please check with your cell phone carrier to make sure our district number (360-563-7295) is not classified as "spam" or "potential spam" in their system.

In addition, please check that you have not blocked the district's number in your contacts or through your mobile device. Here are two articles that may be of help:

Adding the district's phone number (360-563-7295) to the contact list on your phone with the identifier Snohomish School District has also corrected the issue for our families.
As another note, if a user’s phone is in “Do Not Disturb" or "Sleep" mode, phone calls will go straight to voicemail when the "Do Not Disturb" or "Sleep" mode is enabled on iPhone and Android devices. Callers will not receive any type of popups or other interruptions on their screen.

While we continue to investigate and fix the root cause of the issue some of you are experiencing with phone calls, how will you know if schools are closed or starting late?

In the event that our schools are closed or are starting late:
  • Automated phone calls and emails are sent to all district staff and families through the School Messenger/PowerSchool system.
  • A notice is posted on the district Facebook page -
  • A notice is placed on the district and all school websites.
  • Local television and radio stations are notified though the statewide public emergency notification system.
  • Emails are sent to those subscribed through our listserv newsletter subscription system -
  • A notice is sent to the statewide public emergency notification system - Please note that through this system you can also subscribe to receive text and email emergency notifications regarding our school district and many other regional organizations. The FlashAlert Messenger app allows you receive and view push notifications on your tablet or smart phone.

Because we know many are getting ready for school or leaving early, we try to get these notifications out to our school community between 5:15-5:45 a.m. If we are fully certain of the situation the evening in advance, we will let our families know at that time. If Snohomish is not mentioned during the newscasts, through School Messenger/PowerSchool or on our websites, you will know our schools are open and buses are operating on or near the normal schedule.

Again, we apologize for any issues you may be having with our mass notification system. We assure you we are looking into this and hope to have some clarification as soon as possible.