ACT Update

Juniors … Your scores are in and available for your viewing on the ACT website. ACT administration contacted our school apologizing for the disruption to your exams.  They wrote:


While ACT will take every step possible to prevent such disruptions from occurring again, we want to recognize the potential disruption and inconvenience to your student(s). As a result, ACT would like to offer pre-paid testing vouchers to allow any impacted student to take the ACT again. 

In addition, we will offer free Kaplan Test Prep for each of your impacted students. The voucher is valid for the ACT national test in June or July and waives any late fee if registration is completed after the published deadline. While students may have had the opportunity to complete their testing experience with no interruption, this would be an additional and optional opportunity to allow potentially impacted students to test again at no cost.


Key date information 


ACT National Test Date: June 10, 2023  

  • Regular Registration deadline May 5, 2023  
  • Late Registration deadline May 19, 2023  

ACT National Test Date: July 15, 2023 (No New York Test Dates)  

  • Regular Registration deadline June 16, 2023  
  • Late Registration deadline June 23, 2023 


So, if you don’t like the score you received and would like to retest, you have access to free vouchers through the counseling office. The next nearest National testing site is in Mount Vernon WA,  at Skagit Valley College.

  • Center Code - 248940
  • Test Date – Saturday,  Jul 15, 2023