Message from Principal Bauer

Message from Principal Bauer - October 3

Dear Valley View Middle School Families:


Valley View Middle School is a place where we work together to create safe, inclusive communities for all. Our school and district are committed to creating and sustaining a community of mutual respect and value of each other. This requires intentional learning in the areas of empathy, compassion, relationships and situations. We want you to know we are planning to work with students regarding inclusivity, kindness and how to support each other.


At Valley View, we continually work to build a strong, positive learning environment for all students. Middle school is a unique experience for students who may be learning how to interact with different personalities and cultures. It will take a strong partnership between the staff, students and parents to help our students build healthy relationships. To be successful, we need to communicate with each other, and collectively look for ways to ensure student success.


One way that you can help, is to have a conversation with your student. Talk to him/her about choice words. Talk about how comments may be harmful. Often children at this age only think about things from their perspective.


As always, we encourage all students to come forward if they are personally or indirectly impacted by any form of harassment, intimidation or bullying. Teachers, counselors, principals and staff are available to support our students in both developing positive relationships and reporting situations that compromise their sense of safety. Information is also available on our school and district websites at


I appreciate your understanding and feedback. As always, please feel free to reach out to me, Assistant Principal Brian Burdon and Assistant Principal Brenda Weyhrauch with your questions or concerns. We also welcome your suggestions on ways we can continue to work together to build strong, positive and inclusive learning environments for all.


Monica Bauer
Principal, Valley View Middle School