AIM High School Narrative

Students, parents, staff, and community members were surveyed in 2022-23 and a strong desire to rebrand AIM High School was clear. The archer is a historical AIM mascot from the early years of AIM. Over time, it was phased out and there was no mascot. In the last couple of years, students have voiced a preference to bring the original mascot back. The AIM star also has historical significance as it was included in previous yearbooks and publications. 

A strong, confident archer takes center stage in the AIM logo.This represents a characteristic of AIM students as they take control of their learning and future by choosing AIM High School.

The archer takes aim at the prominent red star that represents individual goals, aspirations, and future focus. AIM stands for: Alternative Instructional Methods. Our student-centered approach and focus on building positive school relationships make AIM a school community that is accessible to all learners. AIM's school colors; midnight blue, teal, and red, encourage inclusiveness and freedom of self-expression. At AIM, we strive to build a culture of learning where each member of our school community is celebrated and provided equitable and accessible opportunities. The AIM logo represents a unique identity for AIM which is one of three high schools in Snohomish.