Student Information Verification - August 9-23

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    Skyward/Family Access support available at


    All district families are asked to please confirm their student’s information in Skyward/Family Access. Student Information Verification will be open from August 9-23

    Each summer we ask families to confirm student information and emergency contacts through an online process called Student Information Verification. This process helps to ensure we have accurate information for emergencies and helps us confirm enrollments for class sizes and scheduling. This Student Information Verification process will be open through 5 p.m. on Friday, August 23.

    Note: If you are a parent/guardian and a district employee you must make address/phone changes through the Employee Access tab within Skyward/Family Access.


    Verification 2022-2023

    Here are the steps to confirm your student(s) enrollment:

    • Log in to Skyward/Family Access (Note: You will need to do this through the parent/guardian login - not the student login.)
    • Click on “Go to Student Information Verification for (Student Name)” or click on the “Student Information Verification” button.
    • Click on your student’s name.
    • Verify your student’s information. Some steps may have multiple items to be verified. To move through the items at each step, click on “Next Step” on the right-hand panel of your screen or click on the actual line item to verify/update the information for your student.
    • Once a step is completed, click "Complete Step # and move to Step #" at the bottom of the screen when done.

    Review and request changes for each of the steps below:

    Step #1: Verify Student Information:

    • Student Information
    • Family Address (If the family address has changed, please contact the office of the school(s) your students are attending, whether a district employee or not.)
    • Family Information
    • Emergency Contacts

    Please note: The online system asks for your home phone number. This should be your primary contact number and can be your mobile number. It does not need to be a landline. The primary number is also the number contacted when School Messenger notifications are called/texted.

    Step #2: Verify military family affiliation.

    Step #3: Complete higher education verification.

    Step #4: Verify ethnicity/race.

    Step #5: Complete the student housing questionnaire.

    Step #6: Complete the attendance form.

    Step #7: Complete Student Information Verification. Review all items to ensure they have a green check mark next to them.

    Click "Submit Student Information Verification." (Important Note: Verification is not complete until you submit.)

    Repeat these steps to go through the verification process again for each of your students.

    Please note that at back-to-school start-up activities, the Emergency Information Form and Health History Form will be available in printed copy (pdfs of the forms are also available by clicking here). These forms must be printed out and completed each year for every student and physically returned to school.

    Need additional help? Visit the Skyward/Family Access Support page for more information. Please note that families continue to have the ability to review and edit their student’s information in paper form. Paper forms and additional assistance are available at your student’s school.

    • AIM High School – 360-563-3400
    • Glacier Peak High School – 360-563-7500
    • Snohomish High School – 360-563-4000
    • Centennial Middle School – 360-563-4525
    • Valley View Middle School – 360-563-4225
    • Cascade View Elementary – 360-563-7000
    • Cathcart Elementary – 360-563-7075
    • Central Emerson Elementary – 360-563-7150
    • Central Primary Center - 360-563-4600
    • Dutch Hill Elementary – 360-563-4450
    • Little Cedars Elementary – 360-563-2900
    • Machias Elementary – 360-563-4825
    • Riverview Elementary – 360-563-4375
    • Seattle Hill Elementary – 360-563-4675
    • Totem Falls Elementary – 360-563-4750
    • Parent Partnership Program – 360-563-3423