Technology Plan (2023-2026)

  • Technology provides opportunity for:

    • Every student to have access to a device when they need it
    • Safety and security
    • Development and implementation of innovative instructional practices
    • Development and implementation of K-12 technology standards
    • Online access to curriculum and instructional tools
    • Better access to accommodations, modifications, and differentiation to support all learners
    • Enhancement of collaboration and professional development

    Student implementation stages

    • K-12 students 1:1
    • Select elementary schools will move to cloud-based devices
    • Kindergarten device based on pilot
    • Touch screens for 1st grade


    • K-12 students 1:1
    • Elementary and middle schools move to cloud-based devices


    • K-12 students 1:1
    • High schools move to cloud-based devices

    Staff implementation stages

    • Pilot program
      • Determine best device to replace desktops
      • Evaluate classroom presentation station standards
    • Discretionary devices available for professional development and staff need


    • All desktops transition to laptops
    • Begin to update classroom school presentation stations, including interactive flat screens


    • Continue to update presentation stations, including interactive flat screens

    Structure for success

    • Technology access for all students
    • Professional development
    • Develop robust information and feedback loop
    • Transition to cloud-based devices
    • Evaluate and respond to unique program needs such as CTE and Special Education Services
    • Encourage and support responsible exploration of new and innovative software
    • Utilize software to track, research, and evaluate programs
    • Building-based support systems

    Click here to download a district technology plan handout.